Globe tattoo unlocked, SUN USN unlocked, SMART BRO plug it unlocked

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get the LongCheer WM66 usb from either Globe or SUN (sometimes cheap on Sulit classified ads) or buy direct.  Sun now offering the USB at P888 with one days surfing included.  Then get it unlocked at Sulit by buying a code and you can then use the USB on SMART, Globe or SUN and then buy the external antenna noted in the next posting and put it outside to get the best signal.  Of course being near a cell tower will give you the best signal but the antenna will help a great deal too.  

The yellowbars blog  says:  yes, a good heart from are generating unlock codes for free. when i asked about unlocking my huawei e-1552 at a local cellphone repair shop, they bid me for 400 pesos. why would i pay for that steep price when you can really get answers from the internet.

how to unlock? simply replace the sim card on your usb modem such as globe tattoo, smart, sun dongles and it will auctomatically detect a change on it and ask for you the unlock codes. you have a limit of 10 tries and its screwed. unlocking the codes needs the IMEI number and model. i couldnt find a tool to generate it but, a lot of people offers to unlock the codes for you. others make money in exchange for the code.

once you have the code just type it in, then make a new profile with empty settings with just the default data only. then connect with the operator of your choice and voila you got yourself a mobile internet access.

Unlock Huawei Smartbro Prepaid, Globe Tattoo and Sun Broadband
why would you need to open-line your usb modem? its because if you do some traveling and needed some access on the field, and you are locked to just one carrier. signal depends on location so you just easily switch to a different carrier that has a good signal in that area you are in. so that you can maximize the speed and save money of buying another modem from another carrier.

LongCheer WM66 is the modem sold with the SMART Bro pre-paid kit. It is locked to SMART. You can get the SUN or Globe modem if there is no HUAWEI usb modem and get it unlocked on SULIT and then use it with SMART as well as it has a plug in for an antenna which would definitely increase your signal if placed near a window or buy the antenna panel from the link below which will plug into the plug it from SUN.

SUN & Globe uses the HUAWEI E160 and it has a connection on side for an external antenna which is nice. You can get unlocked at just type SUN unlock and you will get the instructions how to load the sign it details for SUN, SMART or Globe after it is unlocked. I have tested the service and it works.

Learn more about unlocking here

Unlocking of huawei modems models E156,E160 and E1552 series. If your model is e160g or e156c it doesnt matter as long as its e156,e160 pr e1552, its supported. After unlocking you can use any sim. To use internet just type in the APN appropriate for the sim you used. You can use the existing dashboard. Here are some APN's:

Sun: minternet
Globe postpaid:
Globe prepaid:
Smart Bro sim: SMARTBRO
Smart regular sim: smart1
for others, call your respective telco. it's free

the unlock code is unique to every modem. It depends on the IMEI of the modem. To get the IMEI, just read the back of the modem, or use some other app (built-in dashboard look into tools-diagnostics-device).

how to check if your modem is still unlockable via unlock code:
plug in a non-accepted sim, your dashboard will prompt you for the unlock code

how to unlock your modem once you get the unlock code:
1. plug in a non-accepted sim, your dashboard will prompt you for the unlock code
2. enter unlock code

to test you modem if unlocked or not:
send an sms to the non-accepted sim, if it gets it, then its unlocked.